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Pia Pounds Unveiled: A Glimpse into the Artist’s Ongoing Self-Discovery

Pia Pounds, the artist celebrated for her breakout single ‘Tupaate,’ is currently grappling with the weight of heightened expectations from eager fans anticipating her next musical masterpiece. Since the impactful release of ‘Tupaate’ on September 25, 2020, Pia Pounds, also known as Tracy Kirabo, experienced a surge in popularity, dominating playlists and garnering widespread acclaim. However, navigating the aftermath of such success comes with its unique set of challenges.

In a recent interview with Sanyuka TV, the 27-year-old artist shared glimpses of her ongoing journey of self-discovery. Despite the palpable pressure to deliver another chart-topping hit, Pia Pounds remains optimistic, expressing confidence that another significant breakthrough is imminent.

Acknowledging the heightened expectations, Pia Pounds underscored her steadfast commitment to her craft. She implored understanding from her fans, stating, “I am an artist who is still discovering herself. Sometimes you make a song so big that it scares you about what to do next, but you just have to keep working hard and investing in your craft. It’s only a matter of time before you make another banger.”

In the face of intensified competition within the music industry, Pia Pounds remains undaunted, emphasizing that competition has been a constant since the early days of her musical journey. Regarding her intentional withdrawal from the media, she clarified that it is a strategic decision aimed at preserving her brand and concentrating on creating exceptional music. “No, I’m not absent (from the scene). It’s true I pulled out a bit; I try to stay away from the media, but I have good music,” she reassured.

Responding to persistent rumors suggesting that her music career has taken a hit due to alleged alcoholism, Pia Pounds vehemently denied these claims. “First of all, I don’t even drink alcohol. Those are pure lies, and people spreading such rumors should find something else to do,” she declared, dispelling any connection between her personal life choices and the trajectory of her music career. Pia Pounds reiterated her unwavering dedication to her craft and her intentional approach to media engagement.


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