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Law Enforcement Triumph: 20 Suspected Vandals Apprehended for Road Furniture Damage

In a concerted effort, the police and army have achieved a significant milestone with the apprehension of 20 individuals suspected of vandalizing road furniture along the Northern Bypass. The operation unfolded strategically, commencing with the deployment of covert personnel and later reinforced by uniformed police officers and soldiers in the identified hotspots of Masanafu and Busega, where incidents of vandalism were rampant.

Road guards, security camera poles, and signposts have fallen victim to extensive damage due to the illicit activities of these vandals. The operation’s success began with the apprehension of Umar Kitimbo, a central figure in the vandalism activities. Kitimbo not only confessed to his involvement but also cooperated with investigators, providing pivotal information that facilitated the identification of his associates.

During interrogation, Kitimbo implicated Jonan Abigaba, an employee of Katooke Metal Scrap, disclosing, “We sell whatever we vandalize to these people. Some of our colleagues are Lubigi, and Abigaba knows them.” This revelation spurred collaborative efforts between the police and the military to apprehend additional suspects involved in the illicit operation.

Individuals currently in custody include Obedi, Eric Sanyu, John Obama, Junior Ainembazi, Bashir Kalangi, Wilson Muhumuza, and Rashid Mpugu. These arrests mark a substantial achievement in curbing the escalating incidents of road furniture vandalism in targeted areas.

The coordinated actions between law enforcement agencies have not only resulted in the identification and apprehension of the suspects but have also revealed potential connections to scrap metal businesses. This revelation sheds light on the existence of an illicit trade involving the vandalized items. Ongoing investigations aim to uncover the full extent of the vandalism network, ensuring that all involved parties face legal consequences.

This successful joint operation underscores the commitment to upholding the integrity of public infrastructure and serves as a stern warning against future acts of vandalism in critical areas. Authorities remain steadfast in their dedication to maintaining the safety and functionality of essential road furniture for the benefit of the community.


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