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Joe Biden’s Debate Performance: A Critical Review

Joe Biden’s performance in the presidential debate against Donald Trump took less than ten minutes to turn into a disaster. Trump’s early hits on Biden were so effective that many began questioning if Biden could still be a viable candidate. Throughout the debate, Biden appeared unfocused and disoriented, raising serious concerns about his capabilities. This has sent waves of panic through the Democratic Party, prompting some to reconsider Biden’s candidacy.

Major Missteps:

  1. Incoherent Statements: Around nine minutes into the debate, Biden tried to discuss his plan to tax the ultra-rich but ended up delivering a jumbled mix of unrelated topics, including COVID-19. This confusion, followed by a significant pause, turned what could have been a minor mistake into a major blunder.
  2. Weak and Raspy Voice: Biden’s voice sounded strained and weak, reportedly due to a cold, which exacerbated perceptions of low energy. His speech was often disjointed, with multiple factual errors, such as misstating the number of billionaires and tax percentages.
  3. Physical Appearance: Biden’s gait and overall demeanor reinforced concerns about his age and vitality. His stiff and labored movements were a stark visual reminder of his advanced age and potential frailty.

Damaging Moments:

  • Struggle with Facts: Biden repeatedly made factual errors, such as misstating the number of billionaires in America and getting confused about tax figures. These errors, while individually small, collectively undermined his credibility.
  • Lost Train of Thought: Biden frequently lost his train of thought, particularly when discussing Medicare and border policies. These lapses created an impression of cognitive decline, adding to existing concerns about his age.

Trump’s Performance:

  • Rhetorical Strategy: Trump largely avoided directly answering questions, instead repeating his talking points and often lying or making up facts when faced with inconvenient truths. This approach, while lacking in substance, made him appear more confident and in control compared to Biden.
  • Non-Traditional Prep: Unlike Biden, who spent a week preparing at Camp David, Trump relied on rallies and interviews, which seemed to suit his combative style and maintain his usual level of confidence.

Overall Impression:

  • Biden’s Weakness: Biden’s performance did nothing to dispel concerns about his age and mental acuity. His frequent loss of train of thought and inability to clearly articulate a case for his presidency were glaring issues.
  • Trump’s Consistency: Despite often being factually inaccurate, Trump’s approach showed a consistency and confidence that Biden lacked.

Conclusion: Biden’s debate performance has intensified doubts about his candidacy within the Democratic Party. His age, physical appearance, and cognitive struggles were on full display, creating a stark contrast with Trump’s aggressive and confident, albeit factually dubious, approach. With the election approaching, these factors could significantly impact Biden’s chances of securing a second term. The Democratic Party may need to reassess its strategy and consider whether Biden remains the best candidate to challenge Trump.


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