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Reconstructing Uganda’s Highway Network

In the intricate tapestry of Uganda’s transportation infrastructure, the Kampala-Masaka highway stands as a crucial artery. Yet, recent events have unraveled a narrative of vulnerability as a vital segment of road between Kyengera and Budo junction collapsed into a sinkhole on a dreary Sunday. This distressing recurrence, the second in just four months, has ignited concerns about the highway’s resilience in the face of nature’s relentless onslaught.

In response, traffic authorities swiftly orchestrated alternative routes, guiding travelers through the Nakawuka road to Budo junction or the winding paths of Kitemu and Mityana road, offering a detour to the Kampala-Masaka Highway. Motorists embarking on the journey from Masaka to Kampala were advised to navigate through Kitemu or opt for the scenic route via Budo-Nakawuka or Nsangi-Buloba-Mutyaba road, while Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) maintained a vigilant watch over the unfolding situation.

SP Michael Kananura, the traffic and road safety public relations officer, appealed for public patience and cooperation as UNRA and Traffic Police units meticulously assessed the extent of the damage. With caution as their guiding principle, UNRA urged motorists to tread cautiously on the fractured roadway, promising swift action to mitigate risks and restore safe passage.

“We are closely monitoring the situation at Kyengera, near the Hass Petrol Station area,” UNRA assured in a solemn statement, urging road users to exercise utmost caution while mobilizing resources to stabilize the compromised thoroughfare.

This disquieting recurrence of infrastructure challenges evokes memories of a similar incident in December 2023, when the Busega-Kyengera segment succumbed to erosion exacerbated by rising water levels in the Lubigi swamp.

As the nation confronts the aftermath, it underscores the imperative of resilience and collaborative efforts to fortify our transportation networks against the unpredictable forces of nature.


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