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Navigating Speculation: Understanding the Process of Appointing Uganda’s IGP

The police have issued a caution against engaging in speculation about the next Inspector General of Police (IGP) or the potential renewal of Mr. Martin Okoth Ochola’s term.

Ochola, who assumed office in 2018 following Gen Kale Kayihura, is on track to complete his term on March 4. This has stirred public concern regarding whether he will remain in his position or if a new appointment will be made.

Fred Enanga, the Force’s spokesperson, addressed journalists at police headquarters in Naguru, delivering a warning regarding these speculations. He remarked, “We frequently encounter speculation about the renewal of the IGP’s position or the potential for a new appointment. We’ve observed media reports suggesting internal conflicts within the top leadership vying for the position.”

Enanga stressed that such assertions lack substance, affirming that the role of the IGP is esteemed and necessitates dedication and political acumen. According to police protocol, the IGP must demonstrate leadership competence and administrative proficiency.

“It is not a position open to lobbying; instead, qualified candidates undergo rigorous vetting by the police authority before their names are presented to the appointing authority, the Commander in Chief of the armed forces, President Museveni,” Enanga clarified.

He urged the public to await the outcome regarding the renewal of the IGP’s term or the appointment of a new individual. “Those who believe they can influence the president’s decision are mistaken. This process falls under the jurisdiction of the police authority, and they are adept in their evaluations. Let us wait until March 4 to ascertain whether the current IGP will continue or if a new appointment will be made,” Enanga concluded.


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