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Community in Bulalaka Village Plunged into Fear After Brutal Slaying of Couple

The peaceful ambiance of Bulalaka village, situated within Sala Parish, Tirinyi sub-county of Kibuku District in eastern Uganda, has been shattered by the chilling murder of Twaha Namwoyo, 38, and his wife, Nasim Katooko, 27. Their lifeless bodies, bearing grievous wounds, were discovered drenched in blood within their compound, sending shockwaves through the local populace.

As the community grapples with the horror of this senseless act, authorities are racing against time to unravel the motive behind the gruesome crime. The police launch a relentless pursuit of the unidentified assailants, who currently evade capture and sow fear among residents.

Samuel Semewo, the North Bukedi Regional Police Spokesperson, expresses deep concern over the resurgence of machete attacks in the region, prompting heightened vigilance among law enforcement agencies. Initial reports indicate that the police were alerted to the scene by Charles Namba, a district councilor from Tirinyi Sub County, marking the beginning of a painstaking investigation.

At the crime scene, investigators recover a blood-stained axe and two knives, crucial pieces of evidence in piecing together the events leading to the tragic demise of the couple. Witness statements are diligently recorded, and the bodies of the victims are transferred to Mbale Regional Hospital for thorough examination by the police surgeon.

Amidst the palpable fear gripping the community, calls for enhanced security measures reverberate. Residents plead for increased patrols and strengthened community policing efforts to restore a sense of safety and apprehend the perpetrators responsible for this heinous act.

Peter Mwigo, a concerned resident, voices the collective anxiety permeating the village as the assailants remain at large, casting a shadow of uncertainty over the community. Samuel Musiho, Kibuku Resident District Commissioner and chairperson of the district security committee, condemns the act in the strongest terms, vowing to mobilize all resources to ensure justice is served and to prevent further incidents of violence.


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