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Masaka Businessman’s Wife Detained in Bizarre Car Theft Accusation

In an unfolding drama that has gripped Masaka, the wife of local tycoon Ronald Ssenkumba, Ms. Winnie Namulunga, finds herself at the center of a legal storm. Namulunga is currently detained, awaiting a bail hearing, after being accused of stealing a car that was reportedly given to her by Ssenkumba himself.

The car, a Toyota Premio registered under the number UBG 168Y, has become the focal point of a bitter dispute between the couple. According to Namulunga’s family, the vehicle was a gift from Ssenkumba, presented to her as a gesture of reconciliation after a period of marital discord.

The family’s version of events paints a picture of manipulation and abuse of power. They claim that Ssenkumba, after allegedly mistreating Namulunga for years, came to her father’s home to apologize and offered the car as a token of his remorse. However, the situation took a turn when Ssenkumba, accompanied by the police, retrieved the car from Namulunga’s shop in Masaka, and it was subsequently handed back to him by an officer at Nyendo Mukungu Police Station.

The family’s frustration is compounded by the legal proceedings, which they feel are being unduly delayed. They stormed the court in protest, demanding that justice be served for Namulunga.

Ssenkumba has denied the accusations and claimed that there is no separation between him and Namulunga, suggesting that the allegations are an attempt to tarnish his image.

The case has sparked widespread interest, not only because of the high-profile individuals involved but also due to the intricate legal and marital issues it brings to light. The family’s determination to see the matter through to its conclusion underscores the complexities of such disputes and the challenges faced by those entangled in them.


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