Kizza Besigye’s Clarion Call: Uniting Ugandans for Pre-2026 Political Change

In a strategic move to shift the political landscape of Uganda, Dr. Kizza Besigye, who has previously vied for the presidency four times, is galvanizing the nation’s populace to establish grassroots coalitions. These groups are envisioned to facilitate a change in governance before the 2026 general elections, aiming to end President Museveni’s tenure. Dr. Besigye’s call to action was delivered on April 3rd to an audience comprising Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) affiliates and supporters from the Greater Mbarara region, convened at the Mbarara Catholic Social Center for a Katonga section consultation.

The gathering saw proposals for a fresh political movement, nominating Dr. Besigye as the figurehead for the 2026 election campaign. This endorsement was shared by Bishop Stuart University (BSU) students, who have voiced their support for Dr. Besigye’s presidential bid in 2026.

Arnold Ankunda, BSU’s Guild President, affirmed their commitment, “Our choice for the 2026 Presidential race is clear; it’s you, irrespective of your party alignment. We are looking forward to your leadership.” Echoing this sentiment, Stanley Katembeya, Mbarara City’s FDC Chairperson, assured Dr. Besigye of Mbarara’s backing for his potential fifth presidential run.

“Mbarara’s residents are keen on seeing you contest in 2026, grateful for your enduring efforts on their behalf,” he stated.

Amon Twesigomwe, Rwampara District’s FDC chairperson, also stressed the local consensus for Dr. Besigye to play a pivotal role in the upcoming political formation and to be a contender in the 2026 elections.

Dr. Besigye responded by emphasizing the importance of immediate collective action, advocating for a peaceful overthrow of the current regime rather than waiting for the election year. “We must focus on the present, not 2026. The time for change is now, and it is achievable through peaceful solidarity,” he declared.

He argued against violent methods for change, proposing that a united front and shared understanding are the keys to a swift and bloodless power transition.

“Consider the impact if we collectively halt food deliveries to Kampala next week. Such solidarity could prompt the authorities to heed the people’s needs. Real change is predicated on unity and shared sacrifice,” he explained.

Dr. Besigye appealed to his fellow Ugandans to support his mission to unseat President Museveni before his 70th birthday.

“As I near my 68th birthday this month, I am mindful of the biblical lifespan of 70, or 80 for the fortunate few. We cannot afford to wait for President Museveni, who is over 80 and yet remains in power,” he remarked.

He highlighted that President Museveni’s primary concern is the unity of the people, which he views as a threat, as it is the essence of any successful struggle. “Our fight is not confined to party lines; it is a united front against oppression. The formation of the United Forces of Change (UFC) was a testament to our unity, which was immediately met with resistance by the state,” he noted.

Dr. Besigye also addressed the internal conflicts within the National Unity Platform Party (NUP), urging a focus on the collective struggle rather than internal divisions.

“Our struggle is not for leadership positions but to restore the rightful power and authority to the people of Uganda, which has been usurped since 1966,” he asserted.

The FDC’s Katonga section is actively holding consultations with their supporters in Western Uganda, beginning with Greater Mbarara. Their schedule includes visits to Kabale District on April 4th, Rukungiri on April 5th, and Bushenyi on April 6th.

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